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Personal Injury Lawyer in Coral Gables & Miami, FL

Injuries and accidents cannot be predicted. These events can be life-threatening or leave an unwanted mark physically or psychologically. Gregg Pessin, a Miami Personal Injury lawyer, will help you with your personal injury case. To contact a Miami personal injury attorney who cares, please call (305) 476-7767 . Gregg Pessin will speak with you about your rights and your case at no cost. There is no obligation or fee to pursue your case.

Gregg Pessin is a Miami injury lawyer who has been practicing injury law in Miami for over 25 years. We handle a wide variety of injuries and claims, which fall under the ambit of the general title of Personal Injury. Some examples of this type of claim are Automobile accidents, Slip and Fall accidents and Premises Liability claims. No attorneys’ fees unless we secure a verdict or settlement on your behalf. Read more to see why this Miami personal injury attorney is different from the rest.

The Law Office of Gregg Pessin, PA is a Miami personal injury attorney office firm that specializes in all types of accident and injury cases. Due to our strong reputation and successful track record, we have represented thousands of individuals who were injured due to the negligence of others. As a Miami injury lawyer we strive to give each client the highest quality of service. Each client receives the attention and guidance needed to pursue their case and to receive the proper remedies. Need a bilingual lawyer in Miami? Not to worry, our office is bilingual!

How can a Miami personal injury lawyer help? Professionally, a personal injury lawyer is a person who is legally qualified to represent people who claim that they were injured as a result of a wrongdoing or through accident by another person, a company, any government injury, or others. A lawyer in Miami who specializes in personal injury needs to be well versed in tort law. Tort law includes damages, the civil or possibly criminal aspects of the accident, and the right of the person who is injured. With this being said, a person who plans to make a legal action should look for the right Miami injury attorney. Although there are many qualified lawyers, it can be a waste of time if the attorney does not know what type of case he should file.

Having a having a Miami personal injury lawyer like Gregg Pessin is the best choice you can make for your injury case. Gregg Pessin will do everything in his power to make sure your interests and rights are protected. Call us today at (305) 476-7767 to talk about your accident at no charge and we will see how we can get money in your pocket. Remember to ask for the Miami personal injury attorney who cares, Gregg Pessin.