What to Do After You Receive a Traffic Ticket?

You just received a traffic ticket.  What should you do now?  The worst thing you can do is pay the ticket.  That's because if you pay it, you are going to receive points.  That is what you are trying to avoid at all costs.  That will drive up your insurance rates.  If you have no other moving violations in the last 3 years, or just have one or possibly two, you will not receive points from a judge even if you are found guilty.  The other reason not to pay it and to fight it in court with an attorney is because there are numerous ways it can be dismissed and then you would pay nothing.  The officers can write a defective ticket, thereby causing it to be dismissed.  An experienced attorney like myself know all the mistakes an officer can make when writing a ticket.  Also, many times the officer will not show up in court the day of the trial and then the ticket will be dismissed.  Even if you are found guilty, most of the time the judge will put a fine that is less than the ticket amount, thereby saving you some money and will give you up to a year to pay it.  If you can't pay it within a year you can go on a payment plan.  If your ticket involves an accident another good reason to fight the ticket is the person you had the accident with has to show up in court the day of the trial.  Most of the time they do not show up to testify because they are really not that interested and don't want to be bothered.  If they do not show up the ticket will be dismissed.  So the bottom line is do NOT pay the ticket when you receive it.  Hire an experienced attorney like myself to represent you!

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