Drivers License Reinstatement Lawyer in Coral Gables, FL

Traffic violations can cause you to lose your driver’s license, which can be especially inconvenient when your daily responsibilities require transportation (going to work, school, picking up kids, etc.). While getting to and from places is necessary, driving with a suspended license is a crime and will get you into even deeper trouble. Understanding your rights is vital when handling a driver’s license revocation.

Our Miami Driver’s License Reinstatement Lawyers at Pessin Law are here to help you better understand why your license was revoked, and help to reinstate it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Driver License Suspension in Miami

There are several reasons why your license can get suspended in the state of Florida. Below is a list of common reasons:

  • Refusal to submit a breathalyzer test
  • Fraudulently obtaining a license
  • Driving under the influence

When accused of driving under the influence in Florida (driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level of .08 or higher) you can be sure that your license will be revoked, and suspended between 180 days to a 1-year revocation effective on conviction date.

  • Accruing too many traffic violation points

Speeding tickets and other traffic offenses go on your driving record as points against your license. Your license can be suspended if you accrue too many points within a certain time period. If you’re a habitual traffic offender, there’s a possibility that you will have your license revoked due to accruing too many of these violation points.

How do I reinstate my Florida Driver’s License?

If your license has been taken away in the Miami area, and you are confused about what steps to take to get it back, we are here to help. Has the loss of your driver’s license affected your ability to work? Do you feel victimized or feel like it was wrongfully revoked?

Driver’s license reinstatement laws are complex, so it is difficult to be fully prepared to go into a reinstatement hearing on your own. You need a skilled lawyer who understands local laws working for you. We can help you understand your rights and assist you in defending them. We will review your driving record to see what needs to be cleared up before proceeding with the restoration of your license. We know that every case is different and will carefully analyze the specifics of your situation.

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