Speeding Tickets Lawyer in Coral Gables, FL

Are you facing a high fine and damage to your driving record because you were pulled over for speeding? It happens to everyone – you’re cruising down the streets of Miami, and then out of nowhere the red and blue lights start flashing from behind. Before you know it, you’re parked on the side of the street holding a speeding ticket in hand, absolutely befuddled. No matter if the citing is just or not, you will probably end up paying the ticket. While paying it seems like the easiest option, it’s sometimes not the best option.

There are many questions that come to mind after being cited: will my insurance go up? Will this stay on my record? Do I have any legal grounds to fight this? At Gregg Pessin Miami Law Firm, our Miami traffic ticket attorneys believe that asking these types of questions demonstrates that you are already thinking intelligently about your case.

You have Options

After being pulled over you only have a short amount of time before your traffic violation needs to be taken care of. If you don’t deal with the violation in this period of time you could face expensive consequence. Frequently people pay their speeding tickets without understanding that there are other options. In fact, only 3 percent of ticketed drivers contest their citations. Likewise, officers have a certain quota of tickets they need to cite each month. These simple facts alone make a number of speeding ticket citations worth fighting. It’s a common misconception that speeding tickets are impossible to challenge, but with the right information, proper preparation, and a Gregg Pessin Miami traffic ticket attorney at your side, fighting the citation may actually be the best decision.

Miami traffic violations can be very costly. Fines for speeding tickets can be especially excessive, and steeply increase due to speed, construction zones, and other factors. You will also face an increase in insurance rates and the possibility of a revoked license, if you don’t take actions to defend yourself.

As soon as you pay your speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty. There are certain occasions where paying a speeding ticket is mandatory. When the ticket states that you were speeding over 30 mph, court is required, and one of our Miami traffic ticket attorneys at Gregg Pessin Law Firm will attend court for you.

Gregg Pessin’s Miami Speeding Lawyers

Our Miami speeding ticket attorneys understand that you are only human, and people make mistakes. Equally, the police officer who cited you is also human, and is also liable to make mistakes. Was something obstructing their view when they pulled you over? Is there any possibility that the officer pulled over the wrong car due to heavy traffic and confusion? It’s imperative to know exactly what you’re paying before accepting the speeding ticket. There are ways of challenging the citation, and our attorneys at Gregg Pessin’s Miami law firm will provide you with the base knowledge, and support to help you make the best legal decision regarding your speeding ticket.

If you would like to speak with someone about what to do after being pulled over for a speeding ticket, call the Law Office of Gregg Pessin. Our Miami traffic ticket defense attorneys will take the time to discuss your case with you. We are here to help, and have helped many others with traffic ticket defense and driver’s license reinstatement. Call 305-526-4911 and ask to speak with a Miami speeding ticket lawyer.